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Founder 2021

I’ve been butt-obsessed for as long as I can remember—eyes always looking ahead… 

I call myself a body architect with a vision for beauty rituals grounded in touch. I developed a workout called Tonique, a method designed to transform shape and posture from the base up. That base is the butt! After giving so much attention to this part of the body, I realized that no one in the beauty space was giving it the attention it deserved. 

Every butt is unique and has its own personality from the way its shaped to the way it moves. Trust me, there are more than just pears, apples and peaches out there—and I’m all about celebrating individuality.

I started Bawdy with the Original Butt Mask to shake up the monotonous beauty narrative and bring more fun to beauty and self-care. It’s impossible not to laugh if you’re wearing a butt mask. 

I love a reason to get naked and believe in the power of touch. All of Bawdy’s products are designed to help you connect with yourself and your body through unapologetic self-care. 

Bawdy is about finding more body love, freedom and confidence. Feeling great in your body allows you to stand strong and go for it—whatever that is. 

Let’s get naked.