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Welcome to Our World

Bawdy is a different kind of skincare brand. Inspired by adventure. Grounded in play. Unapologetic about self-care.

We make products that allow you to get naked, feel confident and experience Bawdy freedom.

We love a reason to get naked. Our products are designed to shake up the current beauty narrative—and have more fun. Because it’s impossible to wear a butt mask and not have a laugh. We believe in the power of touch and activating the senses.

Everything we make is designed to help you slow down, relax and connect to your body. Drop in and stay awhile.

To us, being BAWDY is a way of life. A place where there’s time for play, cause to celebrate and freedom to let your imagination—and hands—wander. Bawdy is here to talk about the things that others tend to dance around: self-touch, sex and adventure. Let’s undo the taboo. Are you with us?

Butt First

Most skincare brands start at the top. Bawdy beauty starts with the bottom. We’ve created The Original Butt Mask and skincare rituals for the most neglected part: the butt.

>Quite simply, bums need more love. We literally put a lot of pressure on them every day—long sweaty workouts, 8 hours at a desk, a weekend binge-watching. It’s time to give butts the special attention they deserve.