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Butt Mask | Do They Work and Should You Buy One?

Written by Sylwia Wiesenberg


Posted on agosto 04 2019

Shake It Butt Mask Application

Have you heard? The butt is the new face. By surface area your butt has more skin than your face yet you dedicate 99% of your skin care routine to your face. The skin on your butt also needs some love. Constantly exposed to sweat, pressure and poor circulation can do many terrible things to your behind. Feel confident wearing that bikini this summer and perhaps give a butt mask a try.  

What is a Butt Mask and How Does it Work?

In simplest terms, a butt mask is a face mask for your butt and does every thing they do. Butt masks exfoliate, purify, hydrate and tone the skin. The key difference between the face mask and butt mask is that your butt mask come with two sheets - one for each cheek!  As you can see above, you apply one sheet on the left and one of the right - aligning each sheet with the top line of your cheek. You keep the sheets on for  about 10 to 15 minutes. The masks have a tight hold, so you can move around, shake it off, or just lie on your stomach. After the proper amount of time has passed you peel sheets off and feel like a badass with a great ass.

What Do Butt Masks Do? 

Bite It Butt Mask

Different butt masks can achieve different results based on what your looking to take care of. Bawdy's line of butt masks (the first of its kind) come in four varieties for example. They all work to give you a , but each mask has their own speciality: 

  • Slap It: These masks use orange peel, caffeine and goji berry to make the skin more firm as well as exfoliate. Great for light cellulite and buttne 
  • Bite It: Is the best for acne as it comes with antibacterial properties through its use of chamomile  
  • Squeeze It: This one is best for evening skin tone and getting rid of blemishes. It also exfoliates the skin 
  • Shake It: This one is best for firming the skin as it uses both collagen extract and oat extract. 


What Will Butt Masks Not Do?

Butt masks are meant to rejuvenate the skin on your buttocks. That includes getting rid of buttne, making your skin smooth and even making it firm to reduce mild cellulite. A butt mask cannot make your butt bigger or curvier however. If your hope is to get a bigger butt, then only a consistent exercise routine will help you achieve that. 

Do Butt Masks Work? 

Of course they do. They use all natural ingredients proven by numerous scientific studies to make skin healthier. If your goal is to make the skin on your butt the best it can be - then a butt mask is for you. Like any other skin care routine though, it requires consistency. Putting on one mask, one time is not going to lead to results. We recommend one mask per month to start seeing great results. Don't believe us? Take it from the experts

Why Should I Care About My Butt?

The butt is is not just a nice view in a pair of jeans or a bikini; it’s a muscle that gets you through spin classes, yoga and too-tight jeans. It bears the stretch marks and cellulite of puberty and growth spurts, the battle wounds of weight gain and weight loss. 

They are not the airbrushed, heart shaped and perfectly toned buttoxes you see in Instagram posts. These are the ones with dimples and wrinkles, that are a little too big or too little, a little to wide or a little too flat. These are not the booties that have the most likes and most follows, but they are the ones you should be paying more attention to.