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Brightening + Rejuvenating Butt Sheet Mask


BAWDY. is free of ingredients harming your skin, disrupting your hormonal balance, and polluting environment. 

Sheet masks for your butt—two separate sheets, one for each cheek—formulated with citrus to brighten and rejuvenate your skin. It helps reduce the appearance of blemishes and alleviate dullness, leaving your skin plump, hydrated, and radiant-looking. It’s like sunshine for your behind.


Lemon brightens
Cucumber refreshes
Orange Peel exfoliates
Grapefruit evens skin tone

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Your butt is as unique as your face and we want to help you celebrate its strength and beauty. Butt masking is about self-love, that little joy you experience when you turn around, check your butt in the mirror, and feel great about how it looks.

But it goes way behind that. A great butt is about power. It’s a core element, the most beautiful muscle that defines how you move and hold yourself.

Our butt goes through a lot: we sit on it for hours, shove it in tight pants or sweaty leggings, and just forget about it. Not anymore.

We are BAWDY. Beauty unapologetic butt lovers who are passionate about getting to the bottom of self-care in a playful and uplifting way.

1. Apply to clean skin as shown: one sheet on the left, sheet with "IT" on the right. For best results, align each sheet with the top line of your cheek.

2. Keep sheets on for 10 to 15 minutes. You can move around, shake it off, or just lie on your stomach and enjoy taking care of yourself (and your butt).

3. Peel sheets off, feel like a badass with a great ass.

Bawdy. Tip apply any leftover product on your inner thighs, legs, and stomach Apply any leftover product on your inner thighs, legs, and stomach.

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