Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. Silence is violence. Injustice. Racism Kills. These are just a few of the powerful messages peaceful protestors have been displaying during marches across America and the World. 

It takes courage to stand up and speak out against racism! I have always spoken out against racism and will continue to do so. The following is a short message from the Founder of BAWDY, myself (Sylwia Wiesenberg). Please allow me to express my feelings against the pandemic of racism. 

We all have the power to foster change. I’ve had enough of racism. I’ve had enough of injustice. I’ve had enough of seeing a Black man being judged while walking down the street or strolling in the park. I’ve had enough of seeing a Black woman enter a restaurant and be scrutinized or judged. I’ve had enough of Black people being compartmentalized and considered lesser. I’ve had enough of reading and watching Black History and learning about the unjust and violent treatment of Black men and women by White men. I’ve had enough of hearing and seeing White people plant seeds of racism that spreads like a virus. 

I compare racism to a virus because to me, racism is the deadliest disease a person can be infected with. Racism makes a person insecure. Racism makes one fear of exploring the world. Being racist makes one a blind person who misses the opportunity to live a life in a full spectrum of color and cultures. Racism kills the racist slowly and kills others fast. Racism is taught and starts behind closed doors, at the dinner table, with poor jokes and anger in White communities, blaming others for their mistakes, failure, and fear.

Change must happen in the heart, and way of thinking and treating others. Everyone has the opportunity to free oneself from racism and help free others who preach it. Change can start now. Don't stay silent; scream and be part of the progress, because progress means movement towards change and we are on the right path. United and fearless to scream BLACK LIVES MATTER!


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